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Bad Manners Are Caused By Cars


A while ago, I was unlucky enough to be squeezed onto a commuter bus packed full of college students but had the pleasure of standing next to a frail little old lady who had been through the war and served our country.

As the bus bounced and swayed, she was incredibly unstable on her feet.  I looked around at every single student sat in the “reserved for passengers who are eldery, pregnant or disabled” not one of them relinquished their seat.  Continue reading “Bad Manners Are Caused By Cars”


I’m A BzzAgent


Not known for being one to keep my opinions to myself, being more Scottish than English, I recently discovered that my BzzAgent account was still up and running and just needed a little TLC to get it ready for me to start reviewing products and services again.

I was a BzzAgent a while ago in the infancies of social media, but now my reach is much wider, what a better way than using it to full advantage to spread the word on the products and services I trial.

Continue reading “I’m A BzzAgent”

Why I Don’t Want to Fly to Ibiza

I am flying to the White Isle this week – and now I really don’t want to.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not scared of flying.  In fact I have flown regularly to and from various destinations in Spain since I was two, and when the winds prevail, families are kind and luck is on our side we manage to fly a couple of times a year.

There has been much talk about passenger behaviour, alcohol bans, diverted flights, arrests and more focussing on this years flights to Ibiza. Continue reading “Why I Don’t Want to Fly to Ibiza”

Poetry is Like Marmite – And Here’s My Spoonful


Poetry is one of those things you either love or hate. Like Marmite. Or is it?

You see I am not a fan of poetry at all. I know it can move the soul and lift you up one moment and crash you down the next, but I just don’t like it. In fact you don’t find many people nowadays that say “oooooooooo I love a good poem” but is that the modern era?

Perhaps if classic poems were created as images or Instagram pics would they suddenly become popular again

Continue reading “Poetry is Like Marmite – And Here’s My Spoonful”

The Tourists in Danger and Why We Have a Duty of Care

Weston-super-Mare’s famous mud

Every year Weston-super-Mare is inundated by tourists who have no regard for their own safety and have no basic common sense and do stupid and dangerous things and below are two examples that only happened this week.

We have the second largest tidal range in the world so our sea disappears completely between each tide exposing huge expanses of thick mud, hence our nickname, Weston-super-Mud.

As the sea has so far to come in (1 mile) it comes in extremely quickly and can take people by surprise in a matter of minutes. We often see people in the summer “walking out” to the sea. Continue reading “The Tourists in Danger and Why We Have a Duty of Care”

SCBU – Our Heartfelt Story

Our daughter is an 11 year old firecracker, (no idea where she gets it from), opinionated, assertive, confident and sassy (nope, still no idea). But her life didn’t start out that way at all.  Far from it.

She spent the first week of her life in the Special Care Baby Unit of Bristol Children’s Hospital (SCBU) fighting for her life.

And, for the first time in my life, I did a diary of our time in SCBU, selfishly to document what happened, just in case. Continue reading “SCBU – Our Heartfelt Story”

Why A Blog?


I have never been one for keeping a diary.  Sitting at a desk, patiently writing all about the exciting things that happen every day.  Do you remember the hand cramps you used to get after a page of writing?

But then the internet came along, and so did MSN Messenger.  With it came something wonderful, the ability to have your own online blog…  MSN Spaces, gave everyone their own personal space within MSN Messenger that we could call our own and could choose who on our friends list could view it.. Yes it was that selective!  Continue reading “Why A Blog?”

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