I have never been one for keeping a diary.  Sitting at a desk, patiently writing all about the exciting things that happen every day.  Do you remember the hand cramps you used to get after a page of writing?

But then the internet came along, and so did MSN Messenger.  With it came something wonderful, the ability to have your own online blog…  MSN Spaces, gave everyone their own personal space within MSN Messenger that we could call our own and could choose who on our friends list could view it.. Yes it was that selective!  You could enable friends on your MSN messenger friend list, or block them from seeing your space.   And let’s face it, everyone used MSN Messenger because we were all stunned that we could message someone instantly, for free and they could respond instantly.  We could even send files….imagine how bang on trend we felt then.
Well I had a MSN space, which I called My Second Enlightenment (after the birth of our second child).  I put up general ramblings and photos, chose a theme and would do a couple of entries (now called posts) every now and then.

And then the world moved on…… MSN messenger changed, most people dropped it in favour of different applicants, and My Second Enlightenment because a thing of history.

After I did a diary during our daughter’s time in SCBU and publishing it on Facebook, I did toy with the idea of doing an online diary, but always worried about what to write, what would people think, wouldn’t it be a bit dated a grown up doing a diary….

Fast forward a few years and every bugger is doing one, lol.  And they’re not called diaries any more, they are called BLOGS.  BLOG is  a term first coined in 1997 by John Barger as a shortened version of the web log.

However when you search online for what does BLOG stand for, you get some brilliant results.  Of course you get Web Log, but some of my favourites are:

  • BLOG = Boring Lumps of Garbage
  • BLOG = Better Listing on Google
  • BLOG = Boring Lesson on Galaxy
  • BLOG = Based Loosely on Groupware
  • BLOG = Big Load of Gossip

BLOGS are also considered online journals…. What people in America call journals we call diaries…..  So it appears we are now a world of businesses, corporations, politicians and individuals writing online diaries.

Personally I think blogs are wonderful.  They’re a way of getting your viewpoint across to a wider audience and when people come together with the same viewpoint, sometimes change happens and the world becomes a better place.  They can be a great way of documenting events and can be done within seconds of a major event.  Instant news, accessible everywhere.

The White Isle Ibiza

Some on the web are fantastic, well written and informative The White Isle for example is an  ideal resource if you are thinking of going to Ibiza as a family, couple or even for the clubbing. It’s a blog about Ibiza, its people, places and activities.

It’s the internet, so of course there are funny blogs out there too which make you laugh whilst some are political and raise local issues such as Martin Makepeace   However, with everything good there is a darker side.  Some people write blogs to be mean, nasty and downright rude towards our fellow humans.  They invoke hate from people susceptible to persuasion and some are purely written to spark controversy or to drive hits to their blog.

Naturally I believe in free speech (which is why I am writing this blog) and I believe that everyone has a right to their own opinion however, I also believe that we should get along with our fellow humans on this planet and not seek to destroy it or each other during the brief time we spend on it or force our opinions on others.

I hope you will join me in this journey of randomness as we weave our way through 2015 and beyond and look forward to many new experiences along the way.