I am flying to the White Isle this week – and now I really don’t want to.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not scared of flying.  In fact I have flown regularly to and from various destinations in Spain since I was two, and when the winds prevail, families are kind and luck is on our side we manage to fly a couple of times a year.

There has been much talk about passenger behaviour, alcohol bans, diverted flights, arrests and more focussing on this years flights to Ibiza.

More worryingly it’s not just one route, but many, all with the final destination of our beloved White Isle and they all affect the evening flight out from the UK. Check out this article on the recent incidents, videos and the airlines and CAA’s official responses.

We used to fly at 6am to Ibiza – an absolute perfect flying time if you can handle the early starts.  And not once did I see drunken behaviour.  Yes there were stag and hen dos on the flights, but they were all bleary eyed and planning their first day on the island.  They had not started drinking as soon as they had met up… It was far too early for that.

Each flight was a joy and everyone got the benefit of a full day in Ibiza on the day you arrived.  Likewise, we always took the last flight possible back.  And again, not once did we have hassle on any flight back, we were faced with the same bleary eyed travellers deprived of sleep and just focussing on making it to their seat to get some well earned shut eye.

But the flight times changed this year for our airport as the schedules had their every few year shake up.  And joy of joy our usual airport “Bournemouth” no longer flies to Ibiza at all, and our nearest airport Bristol’s only flight that was suitable was a late afternoon flight which was booked after much grumbling about a whole day wasted.

It seems that this shake up has enabled more irresponsible personnel to get helplessly drunk in Departures and then when they are poured on to the plane in a confined space and have their alcohol restricted they are not happy and make everyone aware.

I recently took a Friday evening flight to Malaga, and the airport was packed with hen and stag dos, with dismay 3 parties loaded onto our plane.  It was initially noisy and some seat rearranging took place, but everyone was well behaved and in good humour and allowed the rest of the pasengers to enjoy their flight peacefully.  Not every stag and hen do behaves badly.

However, this time it is not just my partner and I that are flying out, we are taking our 11 year old daughter and 17 year old son, so there is the additional worry and as everyone know the maternal gene kicks in.  You DO NOT want to put me, or any mother  in a position where I feel my children are threatened or feel scared.

With the recent videos emerging of incidents and flights being diverted and having watched our flight for the last few weeks have issues, it is with much dread that I feel our Ryanair departure date loom ever closer.

Having grown up in the pub business and run several pubs believe me when I say that I have squared up to many drunks in my time, and thrown them out of establishments so I am fully confident in my own ability to deal with any situation, but sadly you can’t throw them out of the door on a plane, I bet much to the air crew’s dismay.

To be clear…..No one, including YOU, goes to work every day to be verbally abused or assaulted by the customers.  AND NEITHER DO THE AIRPLANE STAFF.

You may think it’s a laugh and a joke to play loud music, shout at your mates at the other end of the plane, fall onto passengers as you walk down the aisle and so on, but to other passengers it can create a terrifying nightmare, trapped in a tin can with no escape.  It is not “BANTER”.

How do you explain to a child who is petrified, that it is really safe to fly on a plane if they see an airline steward get hurt or abused? Or watch other passengers become scared? How do you justify destroying an elderly couple’s holiday on the island because they were too distressed after the flight to actually enjoy the island so stayed in their hotel complex and didn’t go out?


Perhaps we should ban all alcohol on ALL flights.  Funny how that hasn’t already happened isn’t it?  That would be the airline profit margin talking there.

Or simply perhaps we should all act like responsible human beings and look out for each other when we are flying.

You wouldn’t behave like that on a family holiday with your parents on board that plan, so don’t behave like it when they are not there.

I don’t want to potentially subject my children, or family to a flight “ordeal” during which  we constantly spend our time reassuring our youngest that it will be alright… And that’s why I don’t want to fly to Ibiza.


Have received this from Ryanair re our flight to Ibiza on Firday


So in light of this, I am now curious to see if it causes any additional hassle at the gate and reduces hassle on board.