Not known for being one to keep my opinions to myself, being more Scottish than English, I recently discovered that my BzzAgent account was still up and running and just needed a little TLC to get it ready for me to start reviewing products and services again.

I was a BzzAgent a while ago in the infancies of social media, but now my reach is much wider, what a better way than using it to full advantage to spread the word on the products and services I trial.

For those of you who don’t know what a BzzAgent is (no it’s not an angry wasp), I am one of 1,000,000 people across the United States, Canada and United Kingdom who voluntarily participate in word-of-mouth (WOM) campaigns for a variety of products and services. Basically, we like to talk.

As a BzzAgent I get to try products and services for free, sometimes just before launch and all I have to do is share my honest opinions about them, something that of course I’m only too willing to do.  Although having now added the logo to this blog,  the Angry Wasp logo may need some revision to a friendly bee 🙂 or similar.

Below are just some of the products I have tested as a BzzAgent for free:

  • Tesco finest* Range
  • Veet EasyWax
  • Vanish Oxi Action
  • Maggi So Juicy
  • J2O Fridge Pack
  • Colgate(R) ProClinical(R) A1500
  • Dairylea
  • Tesco Bakery – Cookies
  • Voltarol(R) Active
  • Easy Home Bake
  • Activia(R) Pouring Yogurt
  • Trend Micro SafeSync
  • Colgate(R) Sensitive Pro-Relief(TM)
  • Seeds of Change(R)

To find out how you can trial products free and become a BzzAgent just visit https://www.bzzagent.co.uk