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Bad Manners Are Caused By Cars


A while ago, I was unlucky enough to be squeezed onto a commuter bus packed full of college students but had the pleasure of standing next to a frail little old lady who had been through the war and served our country.

As the bus bounced and swayed, she was incredibly unstable on her feet.  I looked around at every single student sat in the “reserved for passengers who are eldery, pregnant or disabled” not one of them relinquished their seat.  Continue reading “Bad Manners Are Caused By Cars”


SCBU – Our Heartfelt Story

Our daughter is an 11 year old firecracker, (no idea where she gets it from), opinionated, assertive, confident and sassy (nope, still no idea). But her life didn’t start out that way at all.  Far from it.

She spent the first week of her life in the Special Care Baby Unit of Bristol Children’s Hospital (SCBU) fighting for her life.

And, for the first time in my life, I did a diary of our time in SCBU, selfishly to document what happened, just in case. Continue reading “SCBU – Our Heartfelt Story”

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